The new Mercedes-Benz GLS interior spy photos exposure released in 2019

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Recently, the overseas media exposed the interior spy photos of the new generation of Mercedes-Benz GLS models. The interior of the new car uses a full LCD screen and a central control panel. The air-conditioning air outlet has a rectangular design, and the metal brushed trim strips are added to the details. Great improvement.Recently, the overseas media exposed the interior spy photos of the new generation of Mercedes-Benz GLS models. The interior of the new car uses a full LCD screen and a central control panel. The air-conditioning air outlet has a rectangular design, and the metal brushed trim is added to the details. The feeling is greatly improved.According to reports, the new generation of Mercedes-Benz GLS will be built on the MHA platform, and the body size is expected to increase while incorporating more lightweight designs. It can be seen from the spy photos that the appearance of the new car adopts the latest family-style design of Mercedes-Benz. The size of the front grille has been increased, and the headlights on both sides have been adjusted to adopt LED light source. It is worth mentioning that the new Mercedes-Benz GLS will be equipped with the same intelligent driving assistance system as the S-Class and E-Class. Fore more details about cars and cars cover for protection see toyota camry sedan car cover.

A few days ago, we learned from relevant channels that the official guidance prices of Mercedes-Benz’s two major Mercedes-Benz GLE and Mercedes-Benz GLS models have been raised, ranging from 2.80-1.30 million.Sina Auto News Recently, we learned from relevant channels that the official guidance prices of Mercedes-Benz’s two major Mercedes-Benz GLE and Mercedes-Benz GLS models have been raised, ranging from 2.80-1.30 million.According to the State Council Tariff Commission No. 5 of 2018, tariffs on some goods originating in the United States will be implemented after the United States imposes tariff measures; the United States has already taken 00:01 local time on July 6 (Beijing time) At 12:01 on the 6th, a 25% tariff was imposed on some Chinese goods; China imposed tariffs on some imported goods from the United States at 12:01 on July 6th.

Brand Speciality

Since Mercedes-Benz has built the first world-recognized car in 1886 , more than a hundred years have passed, and the car has already passed his 100-year-old birthday, and in the past 100 years, with the development of the automotive industry There have been many auto manufacturers that have emerged, but they are also prominent, but in the end they are just a flash in the pan. Up to now, it has been able to survive the ups and downs, but the three or four, and the century-old store, only the Mercedes-Benz.In 1885 and 1886, Carl and Gottlieb made their first car, and Carl first started in 1883.The stove, the Mercedes-Benz car company was established in Mannheim, and in 1890 Gottlieb followed suit to establish Daimler Motors in Stuttgart. In 1894 and 1896, respectively, the two companies launched the world ‘s first community bus and a gasoline engine of a gasoline truck, and after the competition and the early development of a post-war recession, the impact of foreign products with the industry, In order to survive the two companies to join forces against the enemy, in 1926 merged to formally establish Daimler-Benz Automobile Company (referred to as Mercedes-Benz), which has since spurred the growth and development of German cars. Although the Mercedes-Benz company during the Second World War was filled with smoke, the Mercedes-Benz, which was hit hard, quickly resumed production. In 1945, the production of trucks began. In 1946, the production of cars was resumed, and the status of high-end car manufacturers in the world was gradually restored. The changes and developments of the Mercedes-Benz company, which is the king’s domineering, became more powerful and prosperous. In 1998, the company’s leader, Juergen Schrempp, decided to merge with Chrysler to form DaimlerChrysler to form the automotive industry. The world is convinced that Mercedes-Benz will continue to create glory in the history of car development in the future.

Famous brand

Mercedes-Benz is a powerful automobile kingdom. It is headquartered in Stuttgart , Germany. It has 197,000 employees. It produces about 1 million cars a year. There are 14 directly affiliated factories in China, and the main subsidiaries 35. Its quality is visible and tangible. A mid-range Mercedes-Benz is more expensive, but it can open at least 200,000 kilometers, and then open another engine and then open 200,000 kilometers. The average annual price is not expensive.  The safety design of Mercedes-Benz is its reputation. one of the reasons.

Noble products

At present, it mainly produces C-class cars (mid-class cars, sports cars), E-class cars (high-end cars, sports cars), S-class cars (luxury cars, sports cars ), and G Type car ( SUV off-road vehicle). The company’s early production cars were divided into Mannheim and Stuttgart editions. Since 1936, both high- and low-end cars have been unified into one and the same name “Mercedes-Benz”.  In 1899, the Austrian Consul General Emile Jelinek ordered three Daimler Phoenix cars. In 2014, the company was formally established. It is the first emerging technology company in China that independently develops and manufactures pure electric vehicles. In July 2015, the first Internet concept car “Ranger X” was officially released. After that, the car business was not optimistic about the market.At the end of 2015, Wei Jun, Chairman of the Electric Group Xituo Industry, took the funds and team officially into the company and joined the Ranger car, responsible for the direct leadership of the overall planning and layout of the Ranger Tram. In November 2016, the YOUXIA X production car debuted at the China International New Energy Conference (CREC) held in Wuxi and gained attention. The car disappeared. Until recently, the Ranger official re-released confirmation that the first new production model, Ranger X, will be released in the fourth quarter of this year, and YOUXIA X, which has disappeared for several years, has returned to the rivers and lakes. The Ranger car that has disappeared from the public’s vision for the past two years, has there been any advancement in the car industry during this period? In fact, the Ranger car has not stagnated in the past two years, he is adjusting the pace, accumulating development, trying to show the world a real Internet car story.The development history of the 2 years Ranger car mainly has the following key nodes:In April 2017, the Ranger Auto Huzhou Super Factory Project was officially launched. The plan is positioned as “1+5+1” layout, which includes one main engine factory with four complete processes, five core supporting enterprises, and one R&D trial center. The overall project scale is 2,600 mu, and the planned production capacity is expected to reach 200,000 units per year.

In March 2018, Ranger Motor announced that it had completed a total of RMB 5 billion in Series B financing, and the corporate market valuation was as high as US$ 12.2 billion. Prior to this, in October 2017, I completed a round of RMB 1.22 billion in financing. Third, in June 2018, Ranger Motor announced that the company signed a long-term cooperation agreement with car design company IDG and independent racing and power technology research and development company Prodrive, and established the Ranger Design Center in Europe, London High Performance Technology Research and Development Center, The establishment of R&D centers such as chassis platforms, safety and testing, and autonomous driving will continue to be promoted. This marks that the Ranger Company has leveraged the advanced technology background of European companies to promote the development and mass production of Ranger’s high-performance vehicles.

Regarding the YOUXIA X model information, the Ranger official said that the first production version of the YOUXIA X has been initially finalized, and it is expected that there will be no major changes in the future. As one of the few electric cars in China’s many new car companies, this product will be positioned in the mid- to high-end performance pure electric car. Therefore, its power performance has received much attention from the market. The preliminary data released by the Ranger official shows that the car has a “break of 100” for 3 seconds and a comprehensive endurance of 650 kilometers. And Ranger X also has a human-powered driving system KITTOS, which uses voice and gestures to control the car in depth, learn to simulate the driving habits of drivers, and gradually introduce driverless technology.Wei Jun, chairman of Ranger Auto, has publicly stated that 2018 will be a year of the Ranger’s outbreak. The basic automobile industry structure of Ranger has been built, and the hundreds of billions of industrial chains have been basically completed. This is the follow-up of the Ranger car products. Full hardware support for mass production and listing. The sales target of Ranger is to gradually increase the number of 30,000 units and 60,000 units to 90,000 units from 2019 to 2021.At one time, it runs 7.69 kilometers and has a cruising range of 310 kilometers. It can be completed in 30 minutes in fast charging mode. Would you like to consider such a new energy vehicle?Nowadays, there are not many new energy products with a range of three or four hundred kilometers. The new forces of the car have sprung up, and then the sales volume can only be regarded as tepid, relying more on policy, not the willingness of consumers. To buy, in the final analysis, there is a gap between overall quality and traditional fuel products.

Nowadays, the Korean forces that have appeared in the market with battery suppliers in the past have also brought their own new energy products, such as our modern protagonist, Beijing Hyundai Elantra EV.At present, the charging cost of first-tier cities is not low. Especially after the increase of charging piles, the cost of office buildings and underground parking lots of large shopping malls is counted. Pure electric vehicles are not as “zero cost” as we think.Therefore, the cost calculation for pure electric cars should be more detailed, not just the theoretical cruising range. At least as much as the fuel car, calculated according to the energy consumption of 100 kilometers. The energy consumption of the new Elantra EV is 13.0kwh per 100 kilometers, which is equivalent to 7.69 kilometers of electricity at one time. It is a remarkable one among the products of the same class.At the same time, the new Elantra EV can complete the fast charge in only 30 minutes, effectively saving the user’s time cost. Combined with the 310 km cruising range in the fully charged state, it can basically meet the daily needs of the commuters in the first-tier cities.In terms of body structure, the new Elantra EV adopts the more mature and reliable body structure of the original Elantra series. After more than 200 safety verifications for EV systems and more than 300 high-temperature, high-cold extreme environments, special verification for new energy products, and More than 200,000 kilometers of vehicle reliability verification, for users with a certain quality reliability.On the basis of ensuring the special quality of new energy, the new Elantra EV also pays more attention to the driving experience, such as high-gloss black trims and exclusive dashboards in the interior, which cater to the needs of consumers today.In addition, based on the thin and light battery pack, as well as the excavation and optimization of the cockpit layout, the Elantra EV driving space is not only more spacious, but also has a trunk space of 460L. At the same time, for the newly developed EV exclusive air conditioning system for pure electric vehicles, the cooling effect may also be worthy of experience for drivers and passengers.

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